Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The most serious modern life’s problem

Well… I think garbage is one of the most serious problems in Brasília, in Brazil, and… Why not say? In the world.

In Brazil, people throw away a lot of different materials: paper, metal, plastic, glasses and organic trash. They throw out all these materials everywhere. They don’t use to contribute or participate to the selective swab of the garbage. The results of their incorrect behavior are: dirty streets, pollution of the rivers – that contribute to the floods –, diseases and other bad consequences.

Some products, after had been used for their first owners, can be reused. They are durable consumer goods. Other products, after had been disposed, can pass through a recycling process and be transformed in new ones. Recycling prevents the exhaustion of natural resources and also can generates jobs. So... The inappropriate disposing of garbage is also bad to the people who work in the reverse logistics chain of each material.

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  1. Ana, I agree with you. Garbage is one of the most serious problems in the world.
    if I were to start a neighborhood association would like to improve garbage collection. How do I start it?
    I think that the better form of to start a program to educate children to collect the garbage in an intelligent way like to teach how color correspond which kind of garbage.