Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An experience with money

Is true that Brazil is knowed by being a corrupt country, but is also true that the most people here are honest. Isn’t rarely we hear history of honest act of poor people that found money on the street and return it to owner. In 2008, had an inundation in “Santa Catarina”, in South region, which left part of the population in bad conditions. The people of all side of this country sent help to that state. Unfortunately, some people that no need of the aid deviate donatives to attend your own interest. But, thanks to God, there are some cases to proud. The news shows the case of a girl that discovered twenty thousand “reais” in the sleeve of a coat that was donated. Believe me, your grandfather returned the money to the proprietary. Is incredible, no? As well as this case, there are one which a woman - that lives in the street - discovered forty thousand “reais” in the trash, in front of the supermarket in “São Paulo”. That woman delivered the money to the proprietary too. I wish the politicians in Brazil could take those examples for themselves!!!

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