Friday, September 11, 2009

Me and sports, better late than never! =]

I like sports, I'm not very good in a lot of ones, but I still like them. I try to know a lot of sports, and, against what the majority of people think, we don't need pay a lot for that. When I want to pratice some new sports I call my friends and we go pratice them. It's absolutely funny, I remember when I was wanting to know more about football, the American one. I was in Goiania, and there I met a guy who lived in USA since he was born, that was enogh... We (me, some cousins and some friends) took some classes with him (30 minutes, not more...) and started to play, I'm completely sure, that was the funniest game of futbooll that a could had played in all my life... I could tell you a lot of others experiences with... tennis, waterpollo, bowling... But, someday I'll write a book about them, and if I tell everything know, you will not buy my book, so wait a little bit! Hugs, see you! =]

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