Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The most serious modern life’s problem

Well… I think garbage is one of the most serious problems in Brasília, in Brazil, and… Why not say? In the world.

In Brazil, people throw away a lot of different materials: paper, metal, plastic, glasses and organic trash. They throw out all these materials everywhere. They don’t use to contribute or participate to the selective swab of the garbage. The results of their incorrect behavior are: dirty streets, pollution of the rivers – that contribute to the floods –, diseases and other bad consequences.

Some products, after had been used for their first owners, can be reused. They are durable consumer goods. Other products, after had been disposed, can pass through a recycling process and be transformed in new ones. Recycling prevents the exhaustion of natural resources and also can generates jobs. So... The inappropriate disposing of garbage is also bad to the people who work in the reverse logistics chain of each material.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What will happen if Brazil's base education doesn’t be completely reformed?

Well, we are talking about a lot of problems and suggesting specific solutions for them. Why don't we to connect all these problems and try to find only one, a big one, solution for everything? Unfortunately, the Brazilian people is not interested in social issues. There are many different ways to explain that, but it isn’t my focus, I’m going to tell you how can we try to change that?

One of the main factors that influence our personality formation is the social environment, and it’s proved that is in the infancy that people have their characteristics more easily outlined. If we want a real change in the way of thinking of all nation, we need a long term service. And the beginning of this process is certainly revolutionizing the education of our children. They need to be in touch with the social problems to grow up thinking how to modify that.

In some years the majority of community, the children who grow, will be really against all those problems, because they learn, since they were born, it’s completely adverse to their survival in the world.

I’m not contrary to politics to provide an immediately effect, I just think that they need to be implemented with some others that will avoid the same problems come again to occur in future. If we don’t change our education system as soon as possible, I can’t imagine a happy answer to the title of this writing.

What will happen if the population continues to increase rapidly?

If the population continues to increase rapidly the world will be too small for too people and the environment will suffer a lot the action of man. If we not adopt some providence to contain this situation, the world will be unsustainable. For example, the consumption of potable water has grown faster than the world population. This means that the world will should suffer without water next 20 years, according forecasts. The problem of water will affect agriculture, decrease the production of food and generate hunger. Another problem is that it will not have jobs for all. The number of people working in informal jobs has grown last years, and don't have enough jobs to absorb all workforce available in the world.

Fortunately, some countries have implemented policies of population control. A typical example is China. This country has implemented a “one-child policy” since end 1970s. According to official sources, this practice has avoided the birth 400 million people. In some cities in India, if the couple suspends to have the first son during two years after get married, they will be recompensed with money. And if they extend for another year, the government will increase this amount. But the implementation of actions by government is not too easy. Together with benefits also have negative effects produced. China has already worried because the aging population has increased. Some couple doesn’t want have babies. The world economy will suffer a drop in consumption that will result in the impoverishment of some countries.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What will happen if people do not recycle?

If people don't recycle there will be a huge deforastation, specially in areas like Mata Atlantica and Amazon Forest. And the positive effect of recycling is more green areas, less polution, etc, etc, etc. Many other positive things can take place like decreasing endangered species as a consequence of their habitat preservation.

Cheering for internacional

Internacional is my team, since I was a kid. My parents have moved from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre in 19... well.... never mind..... but when I've arrived in Porto Alegre Internacional has won the brazilian soccer championship. I become a fan of Inter and asked my father to play at the jouvenil soccer school of Inter. My father told me not to do that because I could get the illution of being a soccer player. Instead of it he has acquired a partner title for me and I was used to go to the games to cheer for internacional.
After many years living in Brasilia I've come back to Beira Rio - stadium of Internacional - to watch the final game of Libertadores 2006 against São Paulo. I'm not sure but I think i almost had a heart atack. The final game was 2x2 and I keep the ticket with me as a great recordation.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Me and sports, better late than never! =]

I like sports, I'm not very good in a lot of ones, but I still like them. I try to know a lot of sports, and, against what the majority of people think, we don't need pay a lot for that. When I want to pratice some new sports I call my friends and we go pratice them. It's absolutely funny, I remember when I was wanting to know more about football, the American one. I was in Goiania, and there I met a guy who lived in USA since he was born, that was enogh... We (me, some cousins and some friends) took some classes with him (30 minutes, not more...) and started to play, I'm completely sure, that was the funniest game of futbooll that a could had played in all my life... I could tell you a lot of others experiences with... tennis, waterpollo, bowling... But, someday I'll write a book about them, and if I tell everything know, you will not buy my book, so wait a little bit! Hugs, see you! =]

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have been playing handball sine 1998 and it is my favorite hobby. My team and I usually practice this sport three times a week but, I'd to practice it every day! When I am playing this game I just forget everything like work, study, family, friends and any problem. All my concentration is focus on the ball, the players and at the game. I feel really relaxed after playing handball a lot!