Friday, September 18, 2009

What will happen if the population continues to increase rapidly?

If the population continues to increase rapidly the world will be too small for too people and the environment will suffer a lot the action of man. If we not adopt some providence to contain this situation, the world will be unsustainable. For example, the consumption of potable water has grown faster than the world population. This means that the world will should suffer without water next 20 years, according forecasts. The problem of water will affect agriculture, decrease the production of food and generate hunger. Another problem is that it will not have jobs for all. The number of people working in informal jobs has grown last years, and don't have enough jobs to absorb all workforce available in the world.

Fortunately, some countries have implemented policies of population control. A typical example is China. This country has implemented a “one-child policy” since end 1970s. According to official sources, this practice has avoided the birth 400 million people. In some cities in India, if the couple suspends to have the first son during two years after get married, they will be recompensed with money. And if they extend for another year, the government will increase this amount. But the implementation of actions by government is not too easy. Together with benefits also have negative effects produced. China has already worried because the aging population has increased. Some couple doesn’t want have babies. The world economy will suffer a drop in consumption that will result in the impoverishment of some countries.


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