Thursday, September 17, 2009

What will happen if people do not recycle?

If people don't recycle there will be a huge deforastation, specially in areas like Mata Atlantica and Amazon Forest. And the positive effect of recycling is more green areas, less polution, etc, etc, etc. Many other positive things can take place like decreasing endangered species as a consequence of their habitat preservation.

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  1. Yes Antônio! Recycling is the key! The next generations will profit from this... But I still have the impression we are far far away from having a decent waste management! I mean, I separate trash in my house, but then, the public cleaning service does nothing about it! There is absolutely no recycling system... That makes me wonder when Brazil will start doing simple things that will certainly affect the lives of the future generations! We have to do our part and really start reducing, reusing and recycling!!! =]