Friday, September 18, 2009

What will happen if Brazil's base education doesn’t be completely reformed?

Well, we are talking about a lot of problems and suggesting specific solutions for them. Why don't we to connect all these problems and try to find only one, a big one, solution for everything? Unfortunately, the Brazilian people is not interested in social issues. There are many different ways to explain that, but it isn’t my focus, I’m going to tell you how can we try to change that?

One of the main factors that influence our personality formation is the social environment, and it’s proved that is in the infancy that people have their characteristics more easily outlined. If we want a real change in the way of thinking of all nation, we need a long term service. And the beginning of this process is certainly revolutionizing the education of our children. They need to be in touch with the social problems to grow up thinking how to modify that.

In some years the majority of community, the children who grow, will be really against all those problems, because they learn, since they were born, it’s completely adverse to their survival in the world.

I’m not contrary to politics to provide an immediately effect, I just think that they need to be implemented with some others that will avoid the same problems come again to occur in future. If we don’t change our education system as soon as possible, I can’t imagine a happy answer to the title of this writing.

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  1. First of all, we need more dues than rights, after that we can think to improve better the education's base. In this country, it is really hard to discuss about any issue, because we have historical matters into government, society, economics ways.
    I think this society will improve after a hard crisis, perhaps it will be a way to search a hopeness.