Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's get started!

Hi everyone!

Our first task here is to create a post about a good advice you have received that helped you solve a problem. Remember to use the reported speech! When you do so, read your classmates' posts and comment on at least one of them!
See you around...

Check the video below about reporting imperative verbs. Take your time... The video lasts 10 minutes...


  1. Once upon a time, a very friend of mine told me not to forget staring the girl you're talking on her eyes.
    In fact, I've decided to follow this instruction, and since then I am very sucessful with women.
    Ok, my mother told me not to lie, but, in the other hand, my father says lie might be a powerful tool to dating a girl. What is your opinion? Do you think I am a liar?

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  3. when you read my father says lie might be...,
    read my father says lying might be...

  4. So smart!!!
    yes, I think you´re a liar!!!
    I´m just kidding!!!
    ...but someone told me not to lie, somebody can be hurt, so try changing your strategies...

  5. Teacher, in the first day of class you told us you play "capoeira". Please, write about the experience you had playing capoeira for us. I think our class will like to know more about your sport.

  6. I really enjoyed the video of skater Fabiola da Silva. Including, I even talked about her for my family at lunch. At home, I saw her other videos on the Internet. Until then I had never heard of her. This girl is very simple and she is one of the best skaters in the categories of X Games which she competes. Her life is a real success story of a Brazilian of humble origins.

  7. Wow Lylian! That's very nice that I triggered some kind of curiosity about the girl in the video... And another nice thing is that the girl is Brazilian but she speaks English in the video... I always think it's nice showing videos in class because they usually provide you with authentic language in more unusual contexts! In relation to capoeira, I'll talk a little bit about that further on... And I'll take some pictures... =]