Monday, August 31, 2009

Homework - Paragraph

Write about an experience you had playing for, watching, training with, or cheering for a club or team. Page 89 - Exercise 5 letter A

There are many ways to tell wich sport I like the most or wich one is my favorite but I prefer start saying that my favorite one to watch is soccer and my favorite one to play is basketball. I've played basketball since the students could choose wich one sport they wanted to play until I graduated. I loved playing basketball, it was one of my passions. The days I most enjoyed were those that I played basketball. But in relation to the soccer I love to watch and, especially, twist and cheer for Flamengo. I'm flamenguista since I was born because all my family is also flamenguista, then I let them proud. I had an experience cheering for Flamengo: go to the MaracanĂ£ - one of the biggest stadiums in the world - and watch my team winning with two goals and the other team losing with no goal scored. It was an amazing experience because I really saw the MaracanĂ£, I was really there and I really saw my club, my team, playing. I almost couldn't believe that I wasn't seeing on the TV. I loved. I'll always remember that.

Gisela Astrid *


  1. My experience with the sport was always watching and cheering for the teams or athletes. When I was a kid, I hated doing physical education at school. I not had a football team, because I was born in Brasilia and, at that time, the city not had a football club. Therefore, I was "flamenguista". After I got married, because my husband is Gremio, I became gremista too. I always liked to watch all kinds of sport, mainly tennis, formula 1 and volleyball. My better experience in the sport was with my children. My daughter danced jazz, she did gymnastics, volleyball and karate. My son did karate, football, basketball and volleyball. Every time I saw my children compete, I felt very happy and excited. My worst and saddest experience in the sport was to see the death of Ayrton Senna. In this terrible day, it seemed that someone had died in the family each Brazilian. I could not believe it was true.(...)I take very seriously the sport. I believe that sport is the best way to integrate the people - to break political barriers, erase racial prejudice, forgetting religious differences and reduce the economic disadvantage. It's wonderful to see the man test his own limits breaking records, overcoming obstacles, always trying your best performance.

  2. Very nice experiences told here! I can say I'm a sports girl, for I've always been involved with sports... When I was a kid, I used to swim, and even traveled around Brazil for swimming competitions, but then things started getting too serious and I gave it up! Then I started cycling a lot... I used the bike as my transportation and it was very tiring because at that time I lived in South Lake and studied at UnB, and there was no JK Bridge... But I loved it! I used to go canoeing, running and rock climbing, too! And during this same period, I started playing capoeira... Then... I found out I was pregnant! I was already 3-months-old pregnant and still doing all these things... After the baby was born I had to select some activities, for I had to dedicate some of my time to spend with him... Today, I run almost every day and even participate in some competitions in the city, I go to the gym (which is something that does not please me much) and I play capoeira, which is my passion!!!! I think I'll never stop playing it and one day I'll be a master! =] I've already influenced my husband and he now plays it too, and my son is only four but he also has capoeira classes! I'll talk a bit about capoeira in class and show you some pictures! Thanks for your contribution girls!!!

  3. Teacher, it is amazing how you practice sports since your childhood until today. Congratulations. I'll really want to see your pictures. Thanks.