Thursday, November 19, 2009

Write about a modern building that you love - or hate

I have lived in Brasília since I was born. My city is known for its modern architecture, especially assigned by Oscar Niemeyer. Here, there are some striking monuments but the most wonderful building that I love is the JK Bridge. Curiously, a project that was not made by Oscar Niemeyer. The author of this work was the architect Alexandre Chan, who won some awards for this project. This incredible bridge seems challenge principles of gravity. It was built to link “Plano Piloto” to “Lago Sul” over the “Lago Paranoá” and it was inaugurated in 2002. Since then, it became a postcard in Brasília and one of the most visited places of city. Every time I cross this bridge, I realize the human geniality and “something happens in my heart”. Especially at night the view is sensational. If I were a tourist, I would really know the JK Bridge! It is an unforgettable experience for all!!!